Crucian carp

The crucian carp is a medium-sized cyprinid, typically 15 centimetres in body length, and rarely exceeds in weight over 2 kilograms. High-backed fish, strongly flattened from the side. His forehead rises steeply, his nose blunt, his mouth small and apex open.

They are broadly described as having a body of „golden-green shining color”, but a more precise source states that young fish are golden-bronze but darken with maturity, until they gain a dark green back, deep bronze upper flanks, and gold on the lower flanks and belly, and reddish or orange fins, although other colour variations exist.

Its habitat includes plant-rich shallow lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers. It can withstand low oxygen conditions and also the complete freezing of water in winter.

It is omnivorous and its food consists of smaller invertebrates, plant shoots and seeds, and organic waste.

With the planned gene bank stocks we can ensure the preservation of the genetic diversity of the species and the sustainable utilization of its stocks.

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