Old Hungarian Duck Breeds

The Hungarian duck can be considered as a landrace breed and it is an original duck breed of Hungary. Most commonly it occurs in white colour variant, the spotted and brown variants are rarer. Regarding its body weight it belongs to the small-sized duck breeds. Limbs are short, and the beak is yellowish-red at the white variant, while it is greyish-green lacking yellow pigment at the spotted variant. Hungarian duck can be fattened and stuffed extremely well; its meat is highly palatable, juicy and fine fibred. It is a highly resistant breed of good food searching ability. Specimens of the breed can still be found in small numbers in Transylvania and the world of homesteads of the Hungarian Great Plain. In the gene bank of Gödöllő we maintain stocks of the white and spotted (wild) colour variants as separate breeds.

Body constitution of female does not differ too much from that of the drake. In the case of the wild colour variant the plumage colour of the female is more modest and simple than that of the male (expressive sexual dimorphism). Body weight of the male is 2.50 to 3.20 kg, and that of the female is 2.30 to 3.00 kg.

Plant Genetic Resources Institute