Hungarian Racka Sheep

This is the exclusive representative of the lowland Racka breed group. Its origin is controversial; however it has evolved in the Hungarian Great Plain for sure. Two colour varieties of it are known: black and white. Its main characteristic is the V-shaped, erected, twisted horn worn by both sexes. It is a triple-purpose (meat, milk and wool) breed, but it could not compete with the higher and better quality production of modern breeds, therefore its national stock enjoys a protected gene reserve status. It is typical in both colour varieties that the head and the end of feet are covered by short, shiny hair. In the white variety this is yellowish-brown, in the black variety it is shiny black. Ears are set horizontally, the head is tapering and the eyes are bright. Fleece of the white variety is yellowish-white, while that of the black variety is black. The wool staples form clusters, the fibres are wavy and 30 to 40 cm long. It has a lively temperament. We keep stocks of the breed for demonstration purpose.

Plant Genetic Resources Institute