Hungarian Simmental Cattle

Hungarian Grey cattle and western, especially Swiss cattle breeds introduced into Hungary in the 19th century played a key role in the development of this breed. Later local varieties of the breed have developed in the territory of different counties of Hungary (the varieties of Bonyhád, Vas, Nógrád, Hont, etc.). Targeted breeding work (Újhelyi, Welmann) resulted in a breed of solid constitution, good meat development and excellent milking ability adapted to the climatic and feeding conditions of Hungary. Moreover, this breed has become the dominant one in the Hungarian cattle herds. Its colour varieties range from light to dark yellow or red with irregular white patches. Head and the end of feet are white, the rhinarium is pink. The classic type of Hungarian Simmental became rare by nowadays; therefore the breed needs enhanced protection. Breeding tendency changes in the direction of modern, higher yielding types regarding both milk and beef production, and due to that reason the old type is threatened by extinction. We keep a specimen for demonstration purpose and take part in the gene rescue scheme of the breed.

Plant Genetic Resources Institute