Old Hungarian Goat

Goats have been present in the Carpathian-basin for thousands of years, and they have always varied in number. Following the introduction of intensive breeds, the number of stock of old type, long- and locked-haired goat was heavily cut back. There is a diverse palette of colour varieties; specimens of pure and mixed colour occur alike. It is an unpretentious breed, has a good milking ability and often yeans twins. Both males and females may be horned, but many hornless specimens occur in both sexes. It is rather a milk goat; however there is an ever increasing demand for young slaughtering animals. It has a good performance kept also on weak pastures. It may be used to rear motherless lambs, as well. Their milk is used to make excellent cheese flavoured as proper in a given region, which become increasingly favoured Hungarian specialty products. We are organizing the development of a nucleus stock and the gene rescue scheme of the breed.

Nemzeti Biodiverzitás- és Génmegőrzési Központ